Tetsuya Matsukawa

I am a slash worker and community curator developing experiences through events and digital platforms. Currently working with some coworking spaces and communities as Wanderlust. Haikara.io is my personal collection of intresting. Wanderlust. creative relations. / Creative Nice / gohack / Persons / Bunchcamp / sense of community / Re-creations recreate JAPAN. / Ver. Creative Studio




Collaborative always. We focus on design for Creative Relations.


#hashtag gathering with shared interests. Persons creates opportunity to empower communities.

Creative Nice - NiceHub

Introducing Nice hub places, hub people, hub events and hub organizations.


collaborative community : #AudioVisual #Projection #Performance #Coding #Lighting #XR #Audience


'Bunch' is a terms of teams for collaborative projects. Bunch always hopes to make collaborative projects. Bunchcamp is a digital platform for all bunch in the world. Website is getting ready.

Re-creations recreate JAPAN.

Local project brand Re-creations recreate JAPAN. cooperates with VADE MECVM. and YOSHIHIRO MIKAMI as a joint corporation.